Concrete reinforcing steel index

Since the beginning of this century, a concrete reinforcing steel commission set up within Belmetal has recorded - monthly at its beginnings and weekly since 2004 - the price fluctuations of concrete reinforcement products and converted their findings into a reference index.

This index is often referred to as the "GRYMAFER", named after the previous name of Belmetal.

Each week, this table includes 4 specific benchmarks :

  • Rebars
  • Cold rolled concrete reinforcing steel wire
  • Hot rolled, cold stretched concrete reinforcing steel wire
  • Concrete wire mesh

In addition, this table determines the monthly references PW218 and PW224, which are two Belgian PW-values (Public Works) for concrete reinforcing steel. The table of PW-values, set up by the Commission of the market price of materials under the Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Middle Classes and Energy, notes the price evolution (not the market price! ) of a whole series of building materials, such as sand, gravel, steel, lumbers, cement, ...

Upon approval, the PW218 and PW224 values ​​suggested by Belmetal are taken over by Statistics Belgium, who publish all PW values ​​here (NL/FR).


Download concrete reinforcing steel index 

Last update: May 25, 2020