Pension fund "Sefoplus OFP" is operational

Posted on 08/05/2019

Sefoplus OFP started its activities on January 1, 2019. It is a multi-sector pension fund created by the social funds of five sectors, including that of the joint subcommittee 149.04 for the metal trade, which is chaired by Belmetal.

Stijn Van Dierdonck is in charge of the daily management of the fund. The board of directors of Sefocam OFP convened recently for the very first time and is composed of representatives of the social partners from the five sectors.

On the picture, from left to right :

Stijn Van Dierdonck, coordinator Sefoplus OFP

Isabelle De Somviele, external legal counsel (Claeys & Engels)

Peter Daeninck, director (BMW Garage Daeninck - JC 112)

Lieve De Preter, director (ACV-CSC Metea)

Veerle Cnop, director (ACV-CSC Metea)

Luc Missante, President (Traxio - JsC149.02)

Jeroen De Soete, external financial advisor (De Soete Consulting)

Christophe Lagrange, director (Belmetal - JsC 149.04)

Ortwin Magnus, vice president (ABVV Metal)

Raphaëlle Pollet, director (Go4Circle - JsC 142.01)

Frank De Windt, coordinator Sefocam

5 directors are not shown on the picture: Stef Sabbe (JsC 149.03),Kristof Eraly (JsC 149.02),Ivan Aerts (ABVV Metaal),Paul De Schutter (ACV-CSC Metea) and Jean-Michel Hutsebaut (FGTB Métallos).